Product Details: Stealth Travel / Gozengo


How should we present the detailed view of our resorts/hotels to sell more of them? For customers, this translates to, “In a sea of vacation resorts, how do I find that one that’s right for me?”


As with many product details pages, the big challenges are really twofold:

  • Content: What to show, where to get it from and how to present it?
  • Conversion: How do we get people to do what we want?

In addition, you also have to think about the overall activity of shopping for a vacation – what questions reveals the goals & needs of your customers (from research):

  • Does this hotel meet my basic criteria?
  • Of the hotels I’m considering, is this THE one?
  • What is the cost and associated value of this resort?
  • I’ve already booked and I want to look at the “little details.”

Lastly, this is a large, discrentionary transaction ($2,500+):

  • While there are pragmatic considerations, like budget, emotions play a huge part in the decision-making process
  • Therefore, the experiential aspects of the page are as important as the facts themselves.


For customers, I wanted to support three key tasks:

  • Satisfy the information needs of a customer just trying to figure out if, at a superficial level, the resort warrants further investigation.
  • For those already enticed, provide a deep and engaging information experience to make them feel like, “Hey, everything I want to know about this resort, is here.”
  • Facilitate easy comparison across the multitude of room type and added value combinations.

For hoteliers:

  • I wanted to make sure we were showcasing the uniqueness of each resort, and really demonstrating the we want to help differentiate their product, not just slapping it into a generic template.


  • Split page layout (top for the quick facts, bottom gives all the juicy details).
  • Editorial content that gives a perspective on the product.
  • Low-level information to satisfy even the pickiest traveler.
  • A room type display that facilitates comparision & encourages upsell.
  • And immersive magazine-like experience.

Full Prototype


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