Lifecycle Optimizer: Sailthru


Allow Marketers to efficiently automate their messaging for common consumer behaviors and statuses.


  • Optimization of flow is just as important as creation of them.
  • Marketing goals should lead the user perspective, not the worst case scenario.
  • UI should speak human, not robot. E.g., Let the marketer define a trigger as a “user signing up” and we go figure out if that equates to a sign-up email being sent or if a list is being updated, etc..
  • Minimize the need for Dev intervention on the client side, eg, we should “listen” for triggers, as opposed to relying on API push from the client.
  • Keep things simple & clear
    • Make it clear as to what they are looking at, whether they are zoomed out or in the weeds, i.e., be able to identify what a flow does w/o having to dig in.
    • Have a clear start & end for flows (so you can tell if it’s working).
    • Help users to keep flows simple (fewer steps < 20?). This will reduce complexity for the webapp, and for the user.



  • The client (perhaps expects to and therefore) defines the path of the customer-brand interaction touch points in a linear fashion, and does their best to account for all possible situations.
  • A less “directed” path in which the marketer concentrates on defining specific touch points, not necessarily in a linear fashion, and expects the users to experience the brand in a more natural way.

Potential Interfaces

  • Voice control
  • Diagram/drawing translator
  • File conversion
  • Natural language parsing
  • Get professional services involved

GUI Options

  • Flow diagram builder
    • Highly UI Dev intensive (drag & drop builder UI)
    • Similar to market (like a flow diagram, but cutting down on ‘desire-ability’ and likely usability, to make it easier to build).
    • Not sure how possible this is.
  • Rule builder
    • While arranged in series or flows, would expect users to naturally move in and out of flows and not necessarily expect them to hit all touchpoints.
  • Explore to find the best of the possible view models:
    • Outline
    • Spreadsheet/table
    • Flow
    • Textual/questionnaire
    • Timeline
    • Combo
    • Wizard
  • Explore control options
    • Drag & drop
    • Keyboard
    • Form elements


  • Builder interface (not drag & drop) to minimize user distraction and to simplify development.
  • Reporting overlay on flow itself for a conversion-funnel-like experience to high level reporting.
  • Accelerators – pre-built recipes, to enable automation to be created in minutes.
  • Goal definition to inform what reporting should focus on from a client success KPI standpoint.

Full Prototype

Builder Interface


Reporting Overlay