Audience Builder: Sailthru


With an existing product that users found confusing to use and lacking in utility, how do we help Marketer’s easily define or discover a customer segment to message to?

  • How can we ensure a Marketer is getting what they think they are asking for?
  • How can we encourage exploration?


While primarily targeted towards the “query-savvy,” we should attempt to provide support for the channel marketer.

Audiences are not for just making lists to send to:

  • Used to discover niche segments (opportunities)
  • Batch updates (mass changes) are applied to them
  • Used to create lists for suppression
  • Identify customers to remove from database for improved deliverability

Make the complicated, simple:

  • 96 query criteria to organize and present
  • Criteria nesting
  • Boolean logic support (ANDs & ORs)
  • NOT logic support

B/c frequency of use is so high (multiple times a day) there is an opportunity to prevent calls to support (the most common escalation point when they needed help).

Project scope is limited to the query-builder itself:

  • Workflow changes must be managed within the Audience Builder (for now)
  • Organizational structure of audience will need to be maintained (not hub & spoke)


  • Split page layout (left: list of filters, right:audience).
  • Filter glossary to help out new users (responsively displayed based on screen width)
  • Drag & drop grouping of filters (nesting) up to 4 levels deep using a commonly understood mobile pattern.
  • Display a reach count, so users receive immediate feedback on what filters (or groups of them are doing to their audience).
  • Convert filter form-based input into “human-friendly” statements.

Full Prototype