Ad-hoc Personas: OpenGamma

After starting at OpenGamma as their sole designer, I was keen to understand our customers goals, needs & challenges. Unfortunately, I had no access to our customers (or people like our customers). So, instead, I leveraged the knowledge of the team (particularly those who interacted with our customers) to create provisional or ad-hoc personas.

Over a two-day period, I ran workshops to draw out the known behaviours of our customers, segment them and prioritise the segments. After documenting the segments, I worked with the team to  prioritise, understand and capture the tasks that they performed.

These artifacts were used to establish a shared understanding of whom our customers were, and what they needed our system to do. The artifacts also served as a reference for design inspiration throughout my tenure.

My contributions to this project:

  • Workshop design & facilitation
  • Creation of artifacts
  • Presentation to team


Summary of Ad-hoc Personas


Ad-hoc Persona Write-Up


Design map displaying tasks, details, questions & ideas