Personas: Stealth Travel / Gozengo


We didn’t know our customers. Each team member had a different idea of who our customer was. Our view of customers was “elastic” – one day they were novices, the next they were experts. In short, we were in a poor place to create a product of value.


We spoke to our customers, and from the transcripts, identified patterns in goals, needs, behaviors, and points of pain. We then assembled proto-personas and then validated them by going back into the data to ensure it supported our hypotheses. We then documented our findings and created supporting experience maps which showed how each persona interacted with different channels / tools. We then presented the personas to the team and integrated them into our design process – letting them serve as tools for inspiration pre-design and then validation after. My presentation is below.


  • Input into research design
  • Management of marketing research recruitment vendor
  • Co-facilitation of interviews & note-taking (2 researchers + me)
  • Co-analysis of interview data (1 researcher + me)
  • Co-documentation of personas & experience maps (1 researcher + me)
  • Creation of presentation materials
  • Presentation of materials to internal teams